About Us

Tournament Time’s Co-Owners Doug Williamson and Chad Hatfield are dreamers. Being avid sports fans and host to many local tournaments the two decided it was time to take their tournaments to the next level and bring their experience to teams across the country.  After a couple sleepless night, a lot of thought, and several phone calls later Tournament Time, LLC was born.

The vision for Tournament Time was to build a company that provides unprecedented services all while ensure that teams play at the most premier sports venues.  While setting the stage at the most desirable venues in the country Tournament Time makes it easy with the necessary tools of convenience for coaches and parents such as online scheduling, easy to use smart phone app, lodging agent, real time score updates, and many more.   Our company prides itself  on producing highly organized tournaments while delivering exceptional communication to coaches, players, and parents.

Being the largest tournament company in the State of West Virginia, Tournament Time is quickly making a name for itself on a national level.  Since hosting events in several states boarding West Virginia the company is swiftly becoming known as one of the premier sports tournament companies on the east coast.  Providing events for teams from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, and Virginia we are confident with our nine state audience we can and will provide you with an unforgettable tournament experience.

Currently Tournament Time concentrates its efforts with youth Baseball and Basketball tournaments, with youth Softball being on the charts for the near future.  The future looks bright.  After seeing exponential growth the company plans to expand its reach on the national level while increasing the number of annual events it provides.   So, we look forward to seeing you at our next event.  We know you have a choice, Thank You for playing in our tournaments.